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Chourishi Solutions ... Short Stories from Panchatantra ...

Panchatantra 1. THE JACKAL AND THE DRUM Greed is always harmful
Panchatantra 2. THE LAPWINGS AND THE SEA One should always fight against injustice
Panchatantra 3. THE DONKEY AND THE CUNNING FOX Sometimes a cunning argument outwits normal intelligence
Panchatantra 4. THE MARRIAGE OF A SNAKE After rains comes the sunshine
Panchatantra 5. DEATH AND LORD INDRA'S PARROT Everyone who takes birth in this world has to die one day
Panchatantra 6. THE MONGOOSE AND THE BABY IN THE CRADLE One should avoid taking hasty decisions in sensitive matters
Panchatantra 7. THE FOUR FRIENDS AND THE HUNTER A friend in need is a friend indeed
Panchatantra 8. WHY THE OWLS BECAME ENEMIES OF THE CROWS Think twice before you do or say anything
Panchatantra 9. THE VISIT OF THE SWAN Make friends among people who are like you
Panchatantra 10. A POOR BRAHMIN'S DREAM One should not build castles in the air
Panchatantra 11. THE BULLOCK AND THE LION Never befriend a natural enemy
Panchatantra 12. THE TALKATIVE TORTOISE Always listen to friendly advices
Panchatantra 13. THE SAGE AND THE MOUSE However great one may become, one should never forget one's roots
Panchatantra 14. BEWARE OF MEAN FRIENDS Beware of people, who become friendly to fulfil their evil desires. They talk sweetly, but in reality, they are never trustworthy
Panchatantra 15. UNITED WE STAND: DIVIDED WE FALL United we stand: Divided we fall
Panchatantra 16. THE TRICK OF THE CROW Intelligence is greater than strength
Panchatantra 17. THE LION AND THE HARE Intelligence is superior to physical strength
Panchatantra 18. THE LOUSE AND THE BED-BUG Never trust the strangers
Panchatantra 19. THE HUNTER AND THE DOVES Unity is strength
Panchatantra 20. THE FAKE KING One cannot fool all the people all the time
Panchatantra 21. THE BIRD WITH TWO HEADS People living in a family should never quarrel among themselves
Panchatantra 22. THE DONKEY WHO SANG A SONG Think before you act
Panchatantra 23. THE RABBITS AND THE ELEPHANTS Clever move
Panchatantra 24. THE CUNNING JUDGE Tussle over triffle matters may sometimes lead to a certain disaster
Panchatantra 25. THE CAMEL WITH A BELL ROUND HIS NECK Take heed of a good advice
Panchatantra 26. THE LIONESS AND THE YOUNG JACKAL One should always be in ones own company
Panchatantra 27. KING CHANDRA AND THE MONKEY CHIEF Tit for tat
Panchatantra 28. THE ROTATING WHEEL One bird in the hand is better than two birds in the bush
Panchatantra 29. THE PRINCE AND THE SEEDLING Bad temperament doesn't win the hearts of people
Panchatantra 30. THE BAD LADY AND THE WOLF Bad deeds bring bad consequences
Panchatantra 31. HELLO! CAVE Presence of mind is the best weapon to guard oneself in every sphere of life
Panchatantra 32. THE OLD GREEDY CRANE Never be greedy
Panchatantra 33. THE SHEPHERD AND THE WOLF People do not trust a liar
Panchatantra 34. THE KING COBRA AND THE ANTS Even the strong and mighty cannot face the small ones, when in a large number, at a time
Panchatantra 35. THE BEAR AND GOLU AND MOLU A friend in need is a friend indeed
Panchatantra 36. THE MONKEY AND THE CROCODILE At times presence of mind pays well
Panchatantra 37. THE FROG AND THE SERPENT Never look to an enemy for help
Panchatantra 38. THE BRAHMIN AND THE THREE THUGS One should not be carried away by what others say
Panchatantra 39. THE KING AND THE PARROTS A man is known by the company he keeps
Panchatantra 40. THE REVENGE OF THE ELEPHANT Tit for tat
Panchatantra 41. THE LITTLE MICE AND THE BIG ELEPHANTS Sometimes a weak looking person may prove stronger than others
Panchatantra 42. THE LION AND THE WOODCUTTER Beware of cunning people
Panchatantra 43. THE FOOLISH MONKEY AND THE KING A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend
Panchatantra 44. THE HERMIT AND THE JUMPING RAT The wealth does give strength
Panchatantra 45. THE WISE CRAB Never act hastily on your enemy's advice
Panchatantra 46. THE CROW AND THE MONKEY It's better not to advise others in their personal matters
Panchatantra 47. THE STAG AND HIS ANTLERS A beautiful thing might not be useful also
Panchatantra 48. THE DHOBI'S DONKEY Jealousy is harmful
Panchatantra 49. THE FALCON AND THE CROW Never intimate others in a foolish manner
Panchatantra 50. THE WOLF AND THE CRANE Be careful of the wicked people
Panchatantra 51. WHO WILL BELL THE CAT? Making a plan is one thing, but executing it is something entirely different
Panchatantra 52. THE PEACOCK AND THE FOX Presence of mind outwits cunningness
Panchatantra 53. THE FOOLISH JACKAL Never loose yours senses out of greed
Panchatantra 54. THE DONKEY AND THE LEOPARD'S SKIN You cannot fool all the people all the time
Panchatantra 55. THE JACKAL AND THE ARROW Greed never pays
Panchatantra 56. THE BRAHMIN AND THE SNAKE Unthoughtful actions have no value
Panchatantra 57. THE CLEVER JACKAL Cleverness has it's own advantages
Panchatantra 58. THE GOLDEN BIRD AND THE KING Take a decision after varifying the facts
Panchatantra 59. THE MOUSE AND THE BULL It's no use arguing with a stupid person
Panchatantra 60. THE CUNNING SNAKE Never trust your enemy
Panchatantra 61. THE CAT, THE RAT AND THE HUNTER Friendship with an enemy is a temporary affair
Panchatantra 62. THE FOX AND THE ELEPHANT Even a tyrant has to meet his doom
Panchatantra 63. THE GOLDEN GOAT Keep your eating habits and personal traits a secret
Panchatantra 64. WHEN THE LION CAME BACK TO LIFE Knowledge without common sense is useless
Panchatantra 65. THE OLD WISE CROW Never trust your enemy. Don't allow him into your home
Panchatantra 66. THREE FISH AND THE FISHERMEN Always plan your future intelligently
Panchatantra 67. THE MICE THAT ATE BALANCE Never try to deceive a friend
Panchatantra 68. THE MONKEYS AND THE RED BERRIES It's no use advising idiots. Instead, it might create more troubles
Panchatantra 69. THE GOLDEN BIRDS AND THE GOLDEN SWANS Never act hastily believing a stranger's words. It's also undesirable to be as arrogant as the golden swans were
Panchatantra 70. THE USEFUL THIEF Sometimes bad person also comes in need
Panchatantra 71. DHARAMBUDDHI AND PAAPBUDDHI Bad deeds result always be bad
Panchatantra 72. THE THIEF AND THE SANYASI Wealth may sometimes prove a source of all troubles
Panchatantra 73. DANTILA THE TRADER AND GORAMBHA THE SWEEPER No one is high or low. So we must never insult anyone
Panchatantra 74. THE COW AND THE TIGER Unity is strength
Panchatantra 75. THE FOOL AND THE CROOKS A fool and his wealth don't stay together for a long time
Panchatantra 76. COURTESY Courtesy is the sign of good behaviour
Panchatantra 77. THE MONKEY AND THE LOG Look before you leap
Panchatantra 78. THE MERCHANT'S SON Destiny plays an important role in life
Panchatantra 79. THE POTTER'S TRUTH If you speak the truth, sometimes it may go against you
Panchatantra 80. KING NANDA AND VARARUCHI For most heartable person anyone can do anything
Panchatantra 81. SOMILAKA THE WEAVER Wealth must be used properly. Where necessary it must also be donated
Panchatantra 82. THE DOG IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY Our nation is always welcomed to our nation members whether they cheat to our own nation
Panchatantra 83. THE DEVTA AND THE WEAVER An advice should never be followed blindly
Panchatantra 84. THE FOUR FOOLISH BRAHMINS Theoretical knowledge without the practical experience and commonsense is useless
Panchatantra 85. TWO FISH AND A FROG One should not turn a deaf ear to a friend's advice
Panchatantra 86. THE MERCHANT AND THE BARBER A blind imitation is always dangerous
Panchatantra 87. THE BATS One should avoid fair-weather friends
Panchatantra 88. THE LION'S BAD BREATH One should keep quiet in the times of danger
Panchatantra 89. THE WIND AND THE SUN Persuasion can achieve, what a brute force can't
Panchatantra 90. THE RICH MOHAN AND THE POOR SOHAN Greed is evil. It must be destroyed with shrewdness
Panchatantra 91. THE WOLF AND THE LAMB Any excuse will serve a wicked person
Panchatantra 92. THE GIANT AND THE HELPLESS BRAHMIN It always pays to be alert
Panchatantra 93. THE BRAHMIN AND THE DIAMONDS To sacrifice ones life for others is a great deed
Panchatantra 94. THE GIANT AND THE HORSE THIEF Don't be try to oversmart with anyone & sometimes believe on your mind transactions also
Panchatantra 95. THE VILLAGE MOUSE VISITS TOWN MOUSE Be remember one thing always, we secure only in our home town not any other town
Panchatantra 96. THE THIEF, THE GIANT AND THE BRAHMIN Quarreling on any issue always benefits the others
Panchatantra 97. THE BRAHMIN AND THE DELICIOUS DISHES God doesn't help in sinful acts
Panchatantra 98. BRAHMADATTA, THE CRAB AND THE SNAKE It is advisable to have a companion while moving to an unknown destination
Panchatantra 99. THE PRINCE AND THE BEAR Animals too are lovable and understanding
Panchatantra 100. THE CROW AND THE WATER PITCHER Necessity is the mother of invention
Panchatantra 101. THE HORSE AND THE LION Mind is mightier than body

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